Alfastreet 23e cabin electric – 430Wp SXX series

The Alfastreet 23e electric with its hydraulic lifting roof looks like it has been designed to carry a solar system. We have designed a 430Wp array which blends into the shape of the roof and recharges even large battery banks for emission-free fun.

Due to its low weight, the system can be installed without any structural modification to the boat. All wiring is invisibly fed in-between the composite structure of the roof and through one of the lifting rods.

Instead of maintenance openings we chose to add two LED spots below the panels. This significantly improves the cockpit lighting, which usually only consists of small LED bands on the sides of the roof.

Two separate step-up MPPT controllers offer redundancy and high shadow tolerance. They charge the boat’s 48V battery, a DCDC converter is then used to keep the small 12V service battery topped up and provide solar power for fridge, music and lighting.

This solar system is available in three versions using different cell types: 394Wp (SX series), 414Wp (SR series, walkable) and 430Wp (SXX series). Even with the low-cost SX series solution it is strong enough to easily provide energy for 24/7 use of the fridge while charging the traction battery in short time. The energy yield in summer at 48V is approx. 30-50Ah.

All systems can be ordered directly at the shipyard when ordering a new boat or through us as a retrofit solution with detailed installation instructions.

Technical data:
Power: 430Wp
Panel series: SXX
Weight: 6kg
Battery voltage: 48V
Battery type: AGM