Bocklet ANDO – Mercedes Sprinter 6×6 – 1320Wp

The Bocklet Ando 750 is an offroad-capable alcove camper based on the 6×6 Mercedes Sprinter. Six-wheel drive, large tanks and lots of storage space make it a home on wheels for extended traveling all-around the world even in remote areas.

As the vehicle’s original photovoltaics system stopped working short time after delivery, we have been asked to design a replacement. Besides high energy output and low weight we were asked to optimize the wire runs to keep the roof clean from cable channels wherever possible. Wires should be collected at a central point.

In order to make best use of the available space a mix of SP and SR series panels was selected. These have different cell sizes and therefore allow different panel geometries. The long SR series panel (162Wp) on the front of the alcove uses our invisible rear wires, all other panels have MC4 connectors placed on their topside. Installation using our pre-mounted adhesive maximizes mechanical resistance while minimizing the time needed.

To minimize shading losses, the system was separated in four MPPT-controlled circuits. 38 bypass diodes and a string layout optimized for shadow from roof hardware further optimize the energy yield.

The cable feedthrough has been optimized in a part of a solar panel which was kept clear of cells and electrical interconnections. All wires are fed inside the car at this point using a waterproof housing.

This 1230Wp system delivers approx. 5kWh per day in summer – enough to recharge the usable capacity of the 6kWh LiFePO4 battery pack once per day. This battery is used to power a 5kW inverter, which is strong enough to drive even powerful equipment such as an induction stove. This concept allows energy-independent use of the truck even when fully crewed with four people.

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Technical data:
Power: 1320Wp
Panel series: SP & SR
Weight: 20kg
Battery voltage: 12V
Battery type: LiFePO4