Ford Ranger / Burow Oman – 344Wp SXX series

Burow Oman cabin on Ford Ranger, featuring a custom-made Solbianflex SXX system with 344Wp and only 4,5kg which has been optimized for a Votronic Triple charger.

Apart from their high efficiency, the heterojunction cells of our SXX series panels have a very low temperature coefficient, which makes them a great choice for use in hot climates.

As the cabin was already equipped with a Votronic Triple charge controller, which only has a very narrow band of input voltage, the solar panels needed to be optimized for this devices specifications. Therefore, two panels below the maximum input voltage have been connected in parallel. To maximize the cell number, the panels (which need to have the same number of cells for a parallel connection) have been designed in an asymmetrical, overlapping shape.

The customer chose a black backsheet for aesthetic reasons. The panels have been installed using our pre-mounted adhesive and rear wires, which protect all wiring from mechanical impacts and water ingress while making installation a lot easier.

Technical data:
Power: 344Wp
Panel series: SXX
Weight: 4,5kg
Battery voltage: 12V
Battery type: Gel