Solaris 50 Bimini

Both Solaris Yachts and their customer highly value the aesthetic aspects of their yachts. For this reason, the solar system had to be integrated almost invisibly and without major impact on the looks of the boat. On the other hand, the panels had to be large enough to be able to power all systems of[…]

Outremer 64

The refit of an Outremer 64 catamaran has been used to replace the textile cockpit cover with a hardtop, integrating a solar system to make the yacht self-sufficient for long offshore journeys: Planning Starting point was an old textile roof which should be converted into a hard-top to provide better protection from the elements and[…]

Solbian Solar Maserati VO70 Giovanni Soldini solar

VO70 “Maserati”

Giovanni Soldini’s successful VO70 “Maserati” has been one of our very first sponsorship projects. The boat has been used as a test-bench for prototypes and new developments, pushing them to the limits under extreme environmental conditions. The first SolbianFlex SP prototypes are still onboard and working!

Solbian solar Alibi 54 catamaran

Alibi 54 catamaran – 1570Wp SP Series

In close collaboration with the Alibi shipyard and ANTS Yacht-Consult we created a fully integrated solar system with 1570Wp. The SolbianFlex SP panels with nonskid surface have been shaped using 3D CAD data and follow the shape of the cockpit roof – not only creating a good optical appearance but also taking care of possible shadows[…]

Vismara 47 – 416Wp SP series

Italy-based Vismara shipyard equips their 47′ model with four fully integrated SP104 solar panels. These not only blend into the design nicely but power fridges and instruments onboard to allow the yacht long stays offshore without the need to start the generator.Each panel has its dedicated MPPT charge regulator, eliminating power losses from the boom[…]

Gunboat 55 Yacht Rainmaker Solbian Solar Solarpaneel Photovoltaik begehbar leicht rutschfrei rutschfest antirutsch aufgeklebt aufkleben SunPower Solbian Segeln Schatten Laderegler

Gunboat 55

In close collaboration with the Gunboat shipyard – Solbian is delivering all their solar systems – we have developed fully integrated photovoltaics for their Gunboat 55 model. Objective was to create a invisible setup, fully walkable and strong enough to power all electrical appliances onboard.Six SolbianFlex SP panels with a combined peak power of 774W[…]

Solbian Solar ALLinONE MOD70 Maserati Giovanni Soldini

MOD70 trimaran Maserati

MOD70 trimaran “Maserati” powers its electrical equipment using eight Solbian ALLinONE SP72 solar panels with integrated MPPT charge regulator. The distribution of the charge regulators offers outstanding redundancy and shade tolerance. A total power of 576Wp is enough to run the systems onboard with 100% solar energy.