Dehler 34 sailing yacht – 130Wp SP series

The companionway hatch cover of the Dehler 34 performance cruiser offers plenty of room for a tailor-made solar panel. The only issue is kinks on the sides, which would cause the cells to bend too much and thus be damaged. To avoid this potential damage, the outer rows of cells were planned with some spacing to place the kink in an area without solar cells.

Four bypass diodes combined with a cell layout optimized for the shade of the boom provide high shade tolerance. Covered areas are bypassed by the diodes so that the remaining portion of the array continues to deliver maximum power.

Cables routed invisibly and waterproof below the solar panel not only ensure visually perfect integration: in addition, the wiring, being the most sensitive part of the system, is protected from mechanical damage.

The fine lens structure of the surface ensures good grip with boat shoes, even in wet conditions. This allows safe walking on the plant even in difficult conditions.

130Wp provide about 40-60Ah at 13V daily in summer – enough to run the fridge around the clock. Even if this power is not enough for a completely self-sufficient operation, it will significantly increase the battery life.

Technical data:
Power: 130Wp
Panel series: SP
Weight: 2kg
Battery voltage: 12V
Battery type: Gel