Dufour 390 – 214Wp SP series

Dufour 390 featuring a 208Wp made-to-measure SolbianFlex SP system.

Eight bypass diodes and two special buck-boost-MPPTs optimize energy yield even with the boom casting shadow on the panels.

With the boom being positioned directly above the panels, shade is a daily issue on this system. For this reason, our designers have placed the strings in parallel with the boom and added eight bypass diodes. Two special buck-boost-MPPT-controllers make use of these diodes to bridge shaded parts: Even with 3/4 of the panel in shade, the controller will be able to make use of the remaining quarter panel and deliver electric energy.

Below the panels there are a lot of obstructions: Rope tunnels and the companionway hatch block most positions for cable feedthrough. For this reason special care needed to be taken when positioning the wire feedthroughs. Our 1:1 paper templates have allowed the customer not only to verify the result of our digital templating procedure, but also specify the exact position of the wires using reference points on the template.

214Wp deliver approx. 60-100Ah per day in summer, enough to run most electrical systems onboard. Thanks to this system, multiple days at anchor, enjoying cold drinks without engine noise to recharge the batteries are possible.

The structured nonskid surface allows the crew to work and walk safely on the solar surface, even in wet conditions.

Technical data:
Power: 214Wp
Panel series: SP
Weight: 3,5kg
Battery voltage: 12V
Battery type: AGM