Dufour 48 catamaran – 846Wp SR series

The custom-made solar system of this Dufour 48 catamaran features 846Wp of SR Series cells, delivering enough energy to continuously use the boat without external power supply.

Four separate MPPT controllers and 10 bypass diodes maximize shadow tolerance.

The Victron SmartSolar MPPT controllers are synchronized via a smart bluetooth network and a sensor directly on the battery, correcting voltage drops between charge controller and battery. This makes sure all controllers work together in perfect sync, maximizing the energy yield.

Full surface pre-mounted adhesive together with invisible and waterproof wiring directly below the panels ensure a convenient and easy installation. Panel outlines have been optimized using 3D CAD data of the boat and 1:1 paper templates for a final check onboard. The structured front sheet makes the system safely walkable even in wet conditions.

846Wp deliver around 250-400Ah per day in summer, enough to use the electrical systems onboard 24/7 without the need to worry about the state of charge: Even the 3kW inverter can be used to cook fresh Espresso or use a hair dryer.

This catamaran can be chartered at https://www.bahia-sailing.at

Technical data:
Power: 846Wp
Panel series: SR
Weight: 15kg
Battery voltage: 12V
Battery type: Gel