EPropulsion dinghy with 39Wp solar seat

Electric dinghy with custom-made seat featuring a 39Wp Solbianflex SP panel which charges the EPropulsion Spirit 1.0 Plus outboard engine.

The seat doesn’t only include the solar panel, in a waterproof box on the bottom a custom-made MPPT charge controller has been integrated. This device charges the EPropulsion Spirit 1.0 Plus’ 52V Lithium-Ion battery despite its protection diode, even while the motor is in operation.

The panel is connected using the original waterproof EPropulsion connector, charging curves and technical details have been approved by the manufacturer.

During the last sailing season this setup has already proven itself: Not only is the motor more lightweight and practically silent, in combination with the solar seat it also “refuels” itself while at anchor.

Technical data:
Power: 39Wp
Panel series: SP
Weight: 0,8kg
Battery voltage: 52V
Battery type: Li-Ion