Ford Nugget – 414Wp SX series on pop-up roof

The Ford Nugget with pop-up roof is one of the most successful motorhomes in Europe. A roof-integrated solar system makes it energetically independent without restricting load-carrying capacity or ease of use.

This project had the objective not only to deliver power for all electronics onboard (fridge, sound system, lighting, inverter for 230V, …), it should as well be able to charge two e-bike batteries per day. It should therefore maximize the energy yield while staying lightweight enough to not be noticed when lifting the pop-up roof.

We started with a plan of a 603Wp SXX series system, consisting of three panels. To make the system more affordable and reduce the number of holes in the roof it was then changed to a 414Wp SX series system with only two panels. This gives a daily energy yield of around 120-180Ah in summer, plenty for the use case keeping in mind the alternator will contribute to the charge when driving.

The solar panels were installed with our full-surface pre-mounted adhesive. A finishing touch at the edges using UV-resistant sealant protects the edges from wind and mechanical wear. All wiring is invisibly led through the roof below the panels, protected from water ingress by 35mm adhesive and two barriers of sealant. Inside the roof, wiring was led in a recess of the ceiling , covered by a removable velcro strip.

The height of the vehicle remains unchanged, the rails on the sides can still be used. Two independent MPPT controllers add redundancy and shade protection.

Technical data:
Power: 414Wp
Panel series: SX
Weight: 6kg
Battery voltage: 12V
Battery type: AGM