Hymer Free 600 – 224Wp SolbianFlex SX

This Hymer Free 600 features a made-to-measure 224Wp Solbianflex SX system.

The lightweight panels have been designed to match the roof structure, all wiring runs waterproof and invisible in the ceiling cover.

As the roof is separated in multiple segments – each at a different height – the system has been manufactured in six separate panels. Each of these panels fits its dedicated roof segment, they are connected in series below the roof.

224Wp deliver around 70-100Ah in summer, usually enough to power all electrical equipment onboard – making it possible to enjoy cold drinks and music away from public camping spots and without external power supply.

Technical data:
Power: 224Wp
Panel series: SX
Weight: 4,5kg
Battery voltage: 12V
Battery type: LiFePO4