Jeanneau NC 37 – 360Wp SX series

This Jeanneau NC37 motorboat has been equipped with a made-to-measure 360Wp photovoltaics system. Using our top-efficiency SXX series panels would allow to boost the power to 430Wp.

In collaboration with Jeanneau Yachts 3D CAD data of the yacht was checked for excess double curvature. A system using all of the available surface was designed, followed by a final check onboard using our printed 1:1 paper templates.

With the new generation of solar cells introduced in 2021 we are now able to realize 394Wp with the SX series, 430Wp with the SXX series cells. In summer, even the old 360Wp system delivers between 110 and 165Ah per day (up to 200Ah per day with the 2021 SXX cells) – easily enough to power fridges and all other electric equipment even in cloudy weather.

The installation – using our pre-mounted adhesive – can be realized in very little time. The adhesive creates a waterproof seal around the wiring, which is led through the deck directly below the solar panels. The Victron SmartSolar MPPT charge controller can be monitored and configured remotely using its bluetooth connection.

Installation: Boote Mayer, Austria

Technical data:
Power: 360Wp
Panel series: SX
Weight: 5,5kg
Battery voltage: 12V
Battery type: Gel