Neel 47 sailing trimaran – 2445Wp SP series

The Neel 47 is a fast and comfortable sailing trimaran, designed for worldwide cruising. It comes equipped with a 354Wp Solbian solar system in front of the mast as standard, for more demanding customers who value a self-sufficient energy supply, a greatly expanded system has been developed which makes maximum use of the saloon roof.

The combination of digital planning in CAD and control on board using our 1:1 paper templates enables optimal implementation right from the very first build. Together with the customer, cable positions and outlines can be optimised directly on board, while he also gets a direct impression of the visual appearance of the system. Details which are not or only inaccurately present in the digital model are also recognised during this final check – here, for example, the supports of the bimini, which in reality extend significantly further outwards than in the model.

As with all sailing yachts, special attention must be paid to the anticipated shadows. For this purpose, 58 bypass diodes were integrated into the laminate, furthermore the system is controlled by nine synchronised MPPT controllers. This combination of controllers and diodes ensures that shaded areas are electrically bypassed so that the rest of the system can continue to produce electricity without restrictions. Another advantage is high redundancy – a simultaneous failure of larger parts of the system is virtually impossible.

For installation, our proven pre-mounted adhesive is used in conjunction with cables that are invisibly routed through the deck on the back of the panels. This means that the system is only 3mm thick and all the delicate wiring is watertight and perfectly protected below deck. With this mounting system, the system can be installed in only 1-2 days if the cables are prepared by the shipyard.

2,445Wp deliver between 750 and 1,100Ah @13V each day in summer – enough to run all electrical consumers on board, including the watermaker, induction cooker, air conditioning and diving compressor.

Technical data:
Power: 1,445Wp
Panel series: SP
Weight: 38,0kg
Battery voltage: 12V
Battery type: LiFePO4