Outremer 51 catamaran – 1154Wp SP series

Refit of an Outremer 51: This fully walkable 1.154Wp system, using SP series panels, was integrated without any composite work – all wires are fed through below the panels at the positions of existing LED spots or speakers, making it possible to use existing channels in the sandwich.

The custom-made panels maximize the power while playing with the design of the boat and highlighting its curves. Cut-outs on the PT and STB sides of the system have been implemented to make space for the fixing plates of the roof structure.

Due to the rig and sails, this system is constantly exposed to changing light conditions. Four synchronized MPPT controllers and 24 laminate-integrated bypass diodes, combined with a string layout optimized for shade from the main boom, ensure maximum yield. Shaded areas are bypassed by the diodes so that the rest of the system is not affected.

The textured surface of the modules ensures good heat dissipation across the top, plus it provides a secure grip on the deck with boat shoes even in heavy weather.

In summer, the system delivers approx. 350-500Ah per day at 13V – enough even for demanding consumers, especially since another 800Wp were placed at the stern.

Technical data:
Power: 1.154Wp
Panel series: SP
Weight: 19kg
Battery voltage: 12V
Battery type: LiFePO4