Pegasus 50 Sailing Yacht – 520Wp SP series

The Pegasus 50 is a modern sailing yacht designed for extended ocean passages. Special focus has been given to easy handling and maintenance.

520Wp Solbianflex SP series solar panels have been integrated into the coachroof. Nonskid lens structure on the panels’ topside makes sure the system remains walkable safely even in wet conditions. In addition, the resulting enhanced surface area optimizes thermal dissipation.

Eight bypass diodes, a boom-parallel string layout and two synchronized Victron SmartSolar MPPT controllers ensure maximum energy yield and good shade tolerance. The system can be monitored remotely using the Victron VRM platform.

Installation was done using our pre-mounted adhesive layer, wiring is fed through deck directly below the panels. This makes wiring invisible and waterproof, creating a fully integrated system without mechanical weak points such as a topside junction box or wire feedthroughs.

A system for higher energy needs and complete energy independency has been designed with 716Wp on the coachroof and 460Wp on the hardtop. This gives 1.176Wp total power – plenty of energy even for demanding users.

Pegasus Yachts

Technical data:
Power: 520Wp
Panel series: SP
Weight: 8,9kg
Battery voltage: 24V
Battery type: LiFePO4