Alibi 54 catamaran – 1570Wp SP Series

Solbian solar Alibi 54 catamaran

In close collaboration with the Alibi shipyard and ANTS Yacht-Consult we created a fully integrated solar system with 1570Wp.

The SolbianFlex SP panels with nonskid surface have been shaped using 3D CAD data and follow the shape of the cockpit roof – not only creating a good optical appearance but also taking care of possible shadows from the boom through string layout optimization and bypass diodes. The system powers multiple fridges and freezers, induction stove, washing machine, diving compressor, air-condition and a lot of other electric appliances onboard and makes the yacht completely self-sufficient.

The early collaboration during the design process has allowed us to recess the panels completely, making the integration even more complete than usually achievable.

The Alibi 54 solar system has been awarded the National Energy Globe Award 2018.