Shark 24 sailboat – 83Wp SR series

The Shark 24 is a very popular class of sailboat, used both on lakes and the sea. Due to its small dimensions and rigging, mounting a sufficiently large solar system is a challenge.

A small gap – just under 5mm – allows the area under the sliding hatch to be used. For this space, the SR83Q’s side edges have been reduced to the absolute minimum, so that its 662mm width fits between the side wooden rails with a slight gap. With a watertight cable grommet below the panel and a textured surface, the panel builds up just over 3mm, allowing the sliding hatch to continue to move freely.

The textured surface, in conjunction with the mechanically resistant SR cells, keeps the area walkable. Two separate strings, parallel to the main boom, in conjunction with bypass diodes integrated into the laminate and a step-up MPPT controller ensure high shade tolerance and optimal low-light performance. Thanks to pre-mounted adhesive, installation only takes a short time – all you need to do is peel off a protective film to bond the module to the cleaned surface. The edges are caulked with UV-resistant sealant for a visually perfect finish and additional protection.

At 83Wp, the system is powerful enough to run a small fridge self-sufficiently. With another panel mounted on the sliding hatch, the output could be doubled to meet the energy needs of even the most demanding users.

Technical data:
Power: 83Wp
Panel series: SR
Weight: 1,4kg
Battery voltage: 12V
Battery type: Gel