Sirius 40 DS sailing yacht – 302Wp SP series

The German Sirius shipyard is known for its high quality deck-salon sailing yachts. Their flagship, the Sirius 40 DS, has been presented in 2014 and is – as all of their models – equipped with Solbianflex solar panels.

302Wp SP series panels have been integrated into the companionway hatch cover and the salon roof. Two separate MPPT charge controllers and shadow-optimized string layout maximize shadow tolerance and redundancy.

The panels are mounted with pre-mounted adhesive, UV resistant sealant is added to the edges for additional protection and a perfect optical finish. The system is fully walkable, a structured frontsheet with lens structure makes sure it can safely be walked on it with boat shoes even in wet conditions.

Sirius shipyard

Technical data:
Power: 302Wp
Panel series: SP
Weight: 5,5kg
Battery voltage: 12V
Battery type: Gel