Solaris 47 sailing yacht – 450Wp SP series

This Solaris 47 performance sailing yacht was equipped ex shipyard with a 450Wp solar system integrated into the teak running deck.

For perfect integration, the deck was recessed by 3mm at the solar panel location so that the modules with their pre-mounted adhesive could be integrated smoothly into the surface. The cables – watertight and invisible on the backside of the panels – were placed outside the halyard tunnels so that they can be routed directly behind the ceiling cover inside the boat.

With concealed electrical interconnections, the modules form a homogeneously black surface that harmonises unobtrusively with the teak deck and underlines the yacht’s elegant design. The structured frontsheet gives good grip with boat shoes even in wet conditions.

The solar installation is located on a surface with particularly difficult lighting conditions: The rig and sails cast regularly changing shadows on the cells. Six separate step-up MPPT controllers and 20 laminate-integrated bypass diodes have been placed to ensure high shade tolerance together with good low-light performance and maximum energy yield.

Maintenance openings for the pulleys of the halyard tunnels have been covered with separate pieces of blind laminate so that they can be opened without damaging the solar system.

450Wp provide between 130 and 200Ah @13V per day in good light conditions – enough for unlimited operation of the usual consumers on board.

This Solaris 47 is available for charter in Greece at

Technical data:
Power: 450Wp
Panel series: SP
Weight: 7,5kg
Battery voltage: 12V
Battery type: LiFePO4