Spirit 44CR(e) – 350Wp ISP series

Spirit Yachts from Ipswich, UK, manufactures modern yachts with classic design. Special focus is put on sustainability – in construction, materials, use and even end-of-life of the yachts.

Fully electric with solar panels and no hydrocarbons onboard, the Spirit 44CR (e) is at the forefront of sustainability in sailing.  Based on the Spirit cruiser racer design, the 44CR (e) was commissioned for an eco-conscious customer who set Spirit Yachts the goal of “near total energy self-sufficiency”.  The ‘e’ denotes the yacht’s electric drive system.

Main construction material is FSC certified oak, which same as the Lignia deck and the OneSails sails can easily be recycled. Anodes (cadmium-free aluminum) and Antifouling (biocide-free) have been selected to prevent any release of harmful substances to the water.

A 30kWh 48V LiFePO4 battery is charged by a walkable solar system, together with the Oceanvolt drive’s capability to generate power when sailing. The solar panels have been equipped with a pigmented intermediate layer to match the color of the hull. An optimized string layout and 12 integrated bypass diodes together with step-up MPPT controllers maximize shade tolerance and low-light performance.

The integration of the solar panels in large aft hatch covers reduces the area of Lignia deck on this surface, therefore reducing weight and making it easier to open them. Latches and hinges have been integrated in the solar laminate with cut-outs done during the panel manufacturing process. For this, the area has been cleared of electrical interconnections and solar cells in the design phase.

A structured nonskid top layer ensures safe walking with boat shoes even in wet conditions. The lens structure of the panels also enhances the surface area, optimizing heat dissipation to keep the cells at more efficient temperatures.

Wiring is fed through deck below the panels, close to the hinges. Apart from the better optical integration this protects the wires from mechanical damage and prevents water ingress.

Spirit Yachts

Technical data:
Power: 350Wp
Panel series: ISP
Weight: 7,5kg
Battery voltage: 48V
Battery type: LiFePO4