Sunreef 58 catamaran – 1736Wp SP series

Made-to-measure solar system for a Sunreef 58 catamaran: 1.736Wp have been integrated into the aft Flybridge. After our digital templating process, the outlines and cable positions have been checked onboard using a printed 1:1 paper version of the system. 32 bypass diodes and five synchronized MPPT charge controllers ensure maximum shade tolerance.

As the shipyard couldn’t supply detailed drawings of the area, our technicians measured directly onboard. Once planning was completed, printed 1:1 templates were used for a final check of outlines and cable positions – crucial for a successful installation as there are many obstructions and stiffeners below deck.

Boom, sails and antennas will shade on the system on a regular basis. For this reason, 32 bypass diodes have been integrated in the system and string layouts have been optimized for shadow from these sources. Five Victron SmartSolar MPPT charge controllers, synchronized via a wireless voltage and temperature sensor mounted on the battery, further optimize the energy yield.

The system has been mounted using pre-mounted adhesive, edges and gaps have been sealed with UV resistant elastic sealant. All wiring is led through deck directly below the panels using our rear wire solution. No wires are visible, they follow channels in the ceiling all the way to the technical compartment.

Technical data:
Power: 1736Wp
Panel series: SP
Weight: 28kg
Battery voltage: 24V
Battery type: AGM