VW Amarok – 107Wp SP series

Only a made-to-measure solution made it possible to integrate solar power in this VW Amarok’s roof as a floodlight and stiffeners in the roof structure needed to be considered.

After a final check using our 1:1 paper templates we have been able to realize a 107Wp SP series system. The wiring is fed through the roof directly above the ceiling light – this way it is easily accessible without removing the ceiling cover.

With a daily energy yield of 30-50Ah it is now possible to run a small fridge 24/7 while keeping the battery topped up. In addition, the system trickle charges the starting battery to ensure it is always full, even in winter.

Technical data:
Power: 107Wp
Panel series: SP
Weight: 1,8kg
Battery voltage: 12V
Battery type: AGM