Elan 340 sailing yacht – 225Wp SP / SR series

As part of an electrical refit, this Elan 340 was equipped with a solar system integrated into the deck.

Black laminate allows the system to blend in better with the lines of the yacht, yet visible conductors provide a more technical look. For optimal integration, the contours and cable positions were checked using our printed 1:1 paper templates on board before the final design was put into production with minor corrections.

Three step-up MPPT controllers and six bypass diodes integrated into the laminate ensure high shade tolerance. These special controllers become active at a module voltage of only 5V and convert it with high efficiency upwards into a charging curve for the 12V battery bank. To make optimal use of the surfaces, the SP series was used for the center, while SR series cells are used on the outside.

A fine lens structure on the top of the panels ensures good grip with boat shoes, even in rain and swell. To avoid tripping hazards, all cables have been routed invisibly and waterproof directly inside underneath the modules.

225Wp deliver approx. 70-100Ah per day in summer at 13V – enough for the continuous operation of two refrigerators. Even with larger consumers, the battery life is thus increased enormously, which allows days at anchor without disturbing engine noise.

Technical data:
Power: 225Wp
Panel series: SP / SR
Weight: 3,5kg
Battery voltage: 12V
Battery type: Gel