Solbian Solar EcoLine Carwash solar powered

EcoLine Solar Car Wash

290Wp SolbianFlex SXp solar panels make the EcoLine mobile car wash a green and convenient alternative to ordinary fixed car wash stations.

VW California

The SolbianFlex CP125 (today replaced by the SX162 – 23% more power on the same footprint) makes the VW California self-sufficient and powers radio, freezer box, inverter etc. Its low weight (2,4kg) makes sure the handling of the lifting roof remains unchanged, the low profile of only 2mm creates an almost invisible solar system, leaving[…]

Solbian solar caravan vegan cook energy independent

Self-sufficient camper

Vegan cook and author Daniel Pack (Täglich Vegan) travels around the world in a self-sufficient camper. A made-to-measure SolbianFlex SXp solar system with over 1.200Wp charges his lithium batteries and powers induction stove, heater, washing machine, radio, fridge, freezer and all other electric appliances onboard. The system’s low weight of 20kg allows them to keep[…]