Hallberg Rassy 44 – 398Wp SP series

For this Hallberg Rassy 44 sailing yacht, a photovoltaic system needed to be developed that would provide sufficient capacity for the self-sufficient operation of refrigerators, lighting and electronics. Since the bimini is regularly folded away, the owner opted for a walkable installation on deck.

For optimal utilisation of the available space, the yacht was subsequently digitised with the help of a drone before a system was planned in several steps that met the owner’s ideas. After cable positions and contours were finally checked with 1:1 paper templates – which at the same time allowed a better idea of the visual appearance – the modules were released for production.

For the installation, pre-mounted adhesive is used, cables are routed through the deck directly below the solar panels, invisible and perfectly protected. From there they run underneath the ceiling covering into the battery compartment.

Six step-up MPPT controllers by GenaSun in combination with 17 module-integrated bypass diodes ensure high shade tolerance. Strings were optimised for the expected shade from the mast, boom and sails.

398Wp deliver approx. 120-160Ah per day @13V in summer, which is well sufficient for the usual consumers and increases the battery life enormously even in cloudy conditions. In addition, the shore power connection is no longer necessary; the charge controllers provide a trickle charge when the ship is not in use.

Technical data:
Power: 398Wp
Panel series: SP
Weight: 7kg
Battery voltage: 12V
Battery type: AGM