Flexible solar panels

Cell technologies matching every project requirement
SP series
SP series
Power at the highest level
Our top of the range panels with the most efficient cells currently available on the market (SunPower, 24% efficiency) – for maximum power on the smallest footprint.

High low-light efficiency and very good thermal coefficient.
SXX series
SXX series
Bifacial HJT cells
While looking similar to the SX series, SXX uses bifacial high-efficiency (>23%) HJT cells with extra-low temperature coefficient.

When used with transparent laminate and light on the backside, the SXX series’ rear side can add another 90% to the power of the front. To be used for installations without high mechanical loads.
SR series
SR series
Super rugged
Highly efficient monocrystalline silicon cells (>20%), embedded in two patented metallic grids to optimize both energy harvesting and mechanical stability.

Perfect for textile installations and highly stressed panels.
SX series
SX series
Aesthetics, reliability and price
Monocrystalline cells (>20% efficiency), electrically connected using ultra-thin copper wires that form a very fine mesh on the cell surface.

Highly competitive price, mostly used for installations without high mechanical stress such as caravans and architecture.

Custom shapes and sizes without extra charge


Our ultralight and flexible laminate opens new mounting possibilities


Wind-proof installation on textile surfaces
A combination of zippers and velcro, permanently connected to the solar laminate and matching the color of textile surfaces.

Perfect for installations on textile structures, highly windproof and aesthetically pleasing.
Velcro flaps
Velcro flaps
The most compact permanent installation on textile surfaces
Velcro flaps all-around the panel, holding the solar laminate from both top and bottom, matching the color of textile surfaces.

Perfect for installations on textile structures, highly windproof and aesthetically pleasing. Needs less space than zippers.
Pre-mounted adhesive
Pre-mounted adhesive
Walkable and permanent installation on yacht decks, caravan roofs, …
Pre-mounted adhesive for permanent walkable installations on rigid surfaces.

Industry-grade acrylate adhesive with a foam backing to distribute forces and thermal expansion ensures a reliable and waterproof connection, e.g. with yacht decks and caravan roofs.
LOXX quick-connect
LOXX quick-connect
Versatile solution for temporary installation on textile and rigid surfaces
LOXX quick-connect mounts allow a quick and reliable connection to a variety of materials.

Mostly used for temporary installations on textile surfaces, adapters for rigid surfaces and metric threads are available as well.
Stainless steel eyelets
Stainless steel eyelets
For temporary installation with ropes or cable ties
Stainless steel eyelets are a versatile mounting option, they allow the panel to be flexibly placed and mounted with cable ties or ropes.

Can also be combined with LOXX quick-connect mounts.


Rear wires
Rear wires
For invisible and perfectly waterproof wire connection
Our innovative rear wire solution creates an invisible, waterproof and perfectly protected connection below the solar panels.

Combined with pre-mounted adhesive this connection system creates perfectly integrated walkable solar systems.
Junction box
Junction box
Resin-potted connection box with waterproof MC4 connectors
Connection boxes on the front or back of solar panels (different types available) allow a quick and waterproof external connection using MC4 connectors.

All electronics inside are resin-potted for a long-lasting and reliable connection.
ALLinONE regulator
ALLinONE regulator
Panel-integrated MPPT regulator – simply connect to the battery
Our flexible solar panels, extended through integrated high-efficiency MPPT charge regulators. Simply connect directly to the battery, can be combined with other ALLinONE panels in parallel.
Soldering ribbons
Soldering ribbons
Like rear wires, for very narrow spaces
Works like the rear cables, needing even less space below the panels.

Installation is more complicated, additional insulation and mechanical protection needed choose rear wires whenever possible.
Charge regulators
Charge regulators
Modern MPPT technology for perfectly charging your batteries
Together with your solar system we deliver efficient MPPT charge regulators – perfectly matched and programmed for your solar and battery system.

Systems for all voltages and battery technologies available.


Glossy surface – easy to clean, slippery when wet
Highly resistant glossy surface. Optically pleasing and practically self-cleaning through rain.

Can be slippery when wet, used for installations which are not being walked too often.
Smooth surface with matte non-reflective finish
Highly resistant matte surface. Non-reflective and practically self-cleaning through rain. Very well suited for pigmented ISP series finishes.

Can be slippery when wet, used for installations which are not being walked too often.
Special lens structure for better grip on wet surface – no power losses
Even more resistant, our structured anti skid surface forms thousands of small lenses, allowing water to exit through small channels below the soles.

Less slippery with the same power – perfect for walkable installations. Should be cleaned regularly with plain water.
Backsheet Color
Backsheet Color
Choose between white, black or transparent laminate
Alternatively to our standard white laminate you are free to choose black or transparent base material.

Black is perfect for hiding the solar cells and integrating the system in designs using special panel shapes. Interconnection ribbons can be covered to create completely black panels.
iSP series
iSP series
Invisible solar systems with pigmented front sheet – customizable
The iSP series uses a patented technology to pigment the panel’s frontsheet.

With little power loss, this allows to hide the cells and create solar systems looking like teak decks, company logos or textile surfaces.

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Installation examples

A selection of our customer's solar systems
  • Alfastreet 23

    The Alfastreet 23 cabin electric is an electric motorboat with innovative lifting roof. Project objective is to integrate a cost-effective and powerful solar system into the roof to charge the batteries and highlight the eco-friendly system approach. A perfect use-case for our SX-series cells:


    As the shipyard did not provide CAD data of this boat we had to work with photographs and sketches done by the customer. Based on these a solar system with four panels, totaling 362Wp, was designed – strong enough to recharge a completely discharged battery bank in one week. As the system voltage is 48V we use special step-up MPPT charge regulators.
    The roof is partly hollow, however not accessible, which means maintenance holes have to be drilled. We used this opportunity to add LED spots into the roof, covering these holes and improving the cockpit illumination.

    System rendering – four SX-series solar panels with a total of 362Wp


    The pre-mounted adhesive makes installation quick and easy. Wiring is led through the hollow roof and the telescopic stanchions to be connected to the charge regulators below deck. The solar panels are then finished with UV-resistant sealant all-around for a perfect optical appearance. This installation takes around 6-8 hours, applying the solar panels is best done by two people.

    Prepared for edge sealing and covered to prevent current flow during installation


    This 362Wp photovoltaic system delivers enough energy to use the boat every weekend without having to connect it to shore power during the week (approx. 1,5-1,8kWh per day). The fridge can remain active even if the boat stays on a buoy during the week.
    The optically perfect integration harmonizes well with the boat’s design and highlights its eco-friendly systems, its ultra-low weight makes sure the hydraulic roof lifting system is not loaded above its limits.

    Finished solar system on recessed roof
    Perfect integration for maximized comfort

    Alfastreet Marine
    Green Boat HU (Alfastreet distribution Hungary)
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    Alfastreet 23

    Our collaboration with Team Malizia – same as their overall approach to the IMOCA 60 project – has been a joint quest to achieve the maximum. From the first minute our engineers have been impressed by the level of professionalism and the pace Boris and his team worked on getting the boat ready for this year’s racing season.


    Starting with a precise 3D CAD model of the yacht we first analysed the double curvatures of the hull and deck shapes to define possible panel installation areas. Following on, a shadow analysis allowed us to optimize string layouts, bypass diode positions and the custom distributed MPPT regulating system. Cable positions were adjusted to avoid penetration of load-carrying structures and minimize wire runs.

    Double curvature analysis of the IMOCA60 3D model

    While 3D data is great for the initial planning process, experience has shown that reality often differs from the virtual model. For this reason we sent 1:1 prints of the full system to Lorient (France) which were then placed on their original positions to fine-tune shapes and cable positions – making it impossible to miss small details not shown on the model.

    1:1 paper templates for a final check of shapes and wire positions

    The result was a 1.149Wp system design using two different cell types – SP cells in the center and SX cells on the side decks, altogether weighing only 24,5kg including pre-mounted adhesive.

    The final system design – 1.149Wp, weighing only 24,5kg including adhesive


    While the solar system and charge regulators were being manufactured in Italy and the USA, the Malizia crew carefully prepared all surfaces for the installation, removing the nonskid deck finish and stiffening cable feedthrough areas. After delivery, they removed the protective film on the back and used the pre-mounted adhesive to attach the system to the deck surfaces, followed by finishing the edges with UV-resistant sealant.

    Panel installation using pre-mounted adhesive and UV-resistant edge sealant

    The wiring and installation of the 15 separate step-up MPPT charge regulators was finished just-in-time for the launch of the boat and its first sea-trials – the first 24h test has just been done, 100% powered by our solar system.

    “No charging necessary during our first 24h trip”

    Boris Herrmann
    MALIZIA, finally sailing after months of preparation for the racing season

    Big plans

    After having experienced the motivation and quality of work the team has shown during the preparations, we can’t wait to finally see Malizia in action. Not only are we convinced to see great race results, we also hope for our solar system to help them to complete a CO2 neutral Vendee Globe and carry the important message of their Malizia Ocean Challenge, educating children and giving them the knowledge to become ambassadors for ocean protection.

    Boris Herrmann Racing – Facebook
    Team Malizia – Facebook
    Yacht Club de Monaco – Facebook

    Interview with Michael Körner regarding this solar installation

  • Solaris 50 Bimini

    Both Solaris Yachts and their customer highly value the aesthetic aspects of their yachts. For this reason, the solar system had to be integrated almost invisibly and without major impact on the looks of the boat. On the other hand, the panels had to be large enough to be able to power all systems of the boat 24/7. Our ultralight solar panels, custom-made and mounted with innovative velcro flaps in the color of the bimini, are the perfect choice for such an installation:


    In close cooperation with the bimini manufacturer we optimized the panel sizes according to the available space between the stainless steel tubing. Additionally, strings and bypass diodes have been optimized for the shade to be expected from the boom. In combination with two separate MPPT charge regulators (port and starboard) this allows for a maximum energy yield even if the boom partially covers the solar panels.

    System drawing of the Solaris 50 bimini solar panels


    Solbian’s innovative velcro flap installation consists of velcro strips – sewn to the laminate all-around on both sides of the panel – and textile flaps which are mounted to the bimini. These flaps close all sides of the solar panels and hold them firmly even in strong winds. In addition, this optically very pleasing installation method only needs 20mm of extra space around the panel, a lot less than zipper installations.
    The only downside of this installation method is that it takes more effort to dismount it than with classic installations – therefore we only recommend it for yachts where the bimini stays put most of the season.

    Velcro flaps hold the panel firmly even in strong winds


    Junction box positions have been optimized for short cable runs, connectors and wiring are hidden in textile channels. Short cables on the panels makes it easier to handle them and store them below mattresses. The majority of the wiring is textile-covered and fixed to the stainless steel tubing of the bimini. This allows the wires to be folded together with the structure when the panels are not installed.

    Optimized junction box positions and textile-covered wires


    A bimini solar system is the perfect solution to integrate solar panels in your yacht while keeping its aesthetic appearance. Big available surfaces allow for high energy yields even on small boats, lightweight material (apron. 2,1kg / m²) enables installation without modifying the stainless steel structure.
    The Solaris 50 bimini-mounted solar system (694Wp) yields around 2.500-3.000Wh (190-230Ah @13V) per day, making the yacht completely energy-independent in most situations.

    Solaris Yachts
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    Solaris 50 Bimini
  • Salamander Cave

    Solbian Salamandergrotte Solar Photovoltaik Solarpaneel

    The Salamander cave in France completely powers its lighting system using SolbianFlex CP panels, which have been manufactured with black laminate to integrate nicely into the architecture.

    Solbian Salamandergrotte Solar Photovoltaik Solarpaneel
    Salamander Cave
  • Outremer 64

    The refit of an Outremer 64 catamaran has been used to replace the textile cockpit cover with a hardtop, integrating a solar system to make the yacht self-sufficient for long offshore journeys:


    Starting point was an old textile roof which should be converted into a hard-top to provide better protection from the elements and an integrated solar system to make the yacht energy-independent.

    The original textile roof

    Using CAD 3D modeling software the existing stainless steel structure and central fiberglass walkway have been completed by a lightweight fiberglass sandwich structure. Two wire channels were integrated in the laminate to hide the panels’ wires.

    Rendering of the new hardtop with twelve Solbianflex SP104


    12 SolbianFlex SP104 with nonskid surface, rear wires and pre-mounted adhesive create a fully walkable system, the wiring is invisibly covered inside the fiberglass structure with a maintenance cover.

    First look at the new hard-top with 1.248Wp of walkable Solbianflex SP panels

    Six separate Victron BlueSolar MPPT charge regulators massively increase shade tolerance and have been programmed to fit the custom Winston / ThunderSky LiFePO4 battery system onboard.

    Reprogrammed Victron BlueSolar MPPT charge regulators


    This refit completely changed the looks and usability of the boat – not only got the owners better protection from the elements, but the comfort of a solar-powered electric system (including some hours of air-condition each day) instead of having to run the engines every day to fill the batteries.
    A peak power of 1.248Wp creates a daily yield of around 6kWh (12V: 500Ah, 24V: 250Ah). A system like this can be installed in around 8-12h, it took two people 1-2h to mount the solar panels.

    Look at the final system – this boat is cruising the world since 2016

    Outremer catamarans
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    Outremer 64
  • EcoLine Solar Car Wash

    290Wp SolbianFlex SXp solar panels make the EcoLine mobile car wash a green and convenient alternative to ordinary fixed car wash stations.

    EcoLine Solar Car Wash
  • VO70 “Maserati”

    Solar Photovoltaik Solarpaneel Volvo Ocean Race Maserati VO70 Solbian Solarpaneele begehbar flexibel ultraleicht Segeln Yacht

    Giovanni Soldini’s successful VO70 “Maserati” has been one of our very first sponsorship projects. The boat has been used as a test-bench for prototypes and new developments, pushing them to the limits under extreme environmental conditions. The first SolbianFlex SP prototypes are still onboard and working!

    Solar Photovoltaik Solarpaneel Volvo Ocean Race Maserati VO70 Solbian Solarpaneele begehbar flexibel ultraleicht Segeln Yacht
    VO70 “Maserati”
  • VW California

    VW California Camping Wohnmobil Solar Photovoltaik Solarpaneel SunPower Solbian begehbar flach dünn leicht aufgeklebt

    The SolbianFlex CP125 (today replaced by the SX162 – 23% more power on the same footprint) makes the VW California self-sufficient and powers radio, freezer box, inverter etc. Its low weight (2,4kg) makes sure the handling of the lifting roof remains unchanged, the low profile of only 2mm creates an almost invisible solar system, leaving the mounting rails unobstructed.
    Alternatively to the junction box shown on the pictures, the panel can also be integrated using our invisible rear-wire option.

    VW California Camping Wohnmobil Solar Photovoltaik Solarpaneel SunPower Solbian begehbar flach dünn leicht aufgeklebt
    VW California
  • Alibi 54

    In close collaboration with the Alibi shipyard and ANTS Yacht-Consult we created a fully integrated solar system with 1.570Wp.

    The SolbianFlex SP panels with nonskid surface have been shaped using 3D CAD data and follow the shape of the cockpit roof – not only creating a good optical appearance but also taking care of possible shadows from the boom through string layout optimization and bypass diodes. The system powers multiple fridges and freezers, induction stove, washing machine, diving compressor, air-condition and a lot of other electric appliances onboard and makes the yacht completely self-sufficient.

    The early collaboration during the design process has allowed us to recess the panels completely, making the integration even more complete than usually achievable.

    The Alibi 54 solar system has been awarded the National Energy Globe Award 2018.

    Alibi 54
  • Gervasutti shelter

    Bivacchio Biwak Gervasutti Yacht Solbian Solar Solarpaneel Photovoltaik begehbar leicht rutschfrei rutschfest antirutsch aufgeklebt aufkleben SunPower Solbian Segeln Schatten Laderegler

    The Gervasutti shelter is located on the Montblanc at 2.835m above sea level. All of its electrical power is delivered by solar panels: 24 SolbianFlex SP100 have been integrated into the bent roof using our pre-mounted adhesive. Their highly resistant frontsheet material not only makes them fully walkable but has already protected them from the harsh elements for a couple of years now: Snow, stones, and extreme temperatures have left their marks on the shelter itself, where repairs had to be done – the panels themselves are still working as designed.

    Bivacchio Biwak Gervasutti Yacht Solbian Solar Solarpaneel Photovoltaik begehbar leicht rutschfrei rutschfest antirutsch aufgeklebt aufkleben SunPower Solbian Segeln Schatten Laderegler
    Gervasutti shelter
  • Vismara 47

    Italy-based Vismara shipyard equips their 47′ model with four fully integrated SP104 solar panels. These not only blend into the design nicely but power fridges and instruments onboard to allow the yacht long stays offshore without the need to start the generator.
    Each panel has its dedicated MPPT charge regulator, eliminating power losses from the boom shadow.


    Vismara 47
  • Gunboat 55

    Gunboat 55 Yacht Rainmaker Solbian Solar Solarpaneel Photovoltaik begehbar leicht rutschfrei rutschfest antirutsch aufgeklebt aufkleben SunPower Solbian Segeln Schatten Laderegler

    In close collaboration with the Gunboat shipyard – Solbian is delivering all their solar systems – we have developed fully integrated photovoltaics for their Gunboat 55 model. Objective was to create a invisible setup, fully walkable and strong enough to power all electrical appliances onboard.
    Six SolbianFlex SP panels with a combined peak power of 774W have been recessed in the edge of the roof, black laminate makes them blend into the design perfectly.

    Gunboat 55 Yacht Rainmaker Solbian Solar Solarpaneel Photovoltaik begehbar leicht rutschfrei rutschfest antirutsch aufgeklebt aufkleben SunPower Solbian Segeln Schatten Laderegler
    Gunboat 55
  • Self-sufficient camper

    Solbian Solar Wohnmobil autark Renault Täglich Vegan

    Vegan cook and author Daniel Pack (Täglich Vegan) travels around the world in a self-sufficient camper. A made-to-measure SolbianFlex SXp solar system with over 1.200Wp charges his lithium batteries and powers induction stove, heater, washing machine, radio, fridge, freezer and all other electric appliances onboard.

    The system’s low weight of 20kg allows them to keep the caravan’s weight below its legal limit of 3,5t.

    Some words from the owner: 
    “As the Tausendblatt family we have equipped our caravan with this highly efficient solar system. We are traveling Europe to cook vegan dishes while exploring the most beautiful places in nature. For cooking, we use two inductive hobs. The fridge and the rest of the electric system is also powered by the solar panels combined with a Mastervolt lithium-ion battery.
    We highly recommend this system: Thanks to its reliability I can concentrate on my work while underway as we don’t have to worry about the power onboard.”

    Solbian Solar Wohnmobil autark Renault Täglich Vegan
    Self-sufficient camper
  • MOD70 trimaran Maserati

    Solbian Solar ALLinONE MOD70 Maserati Giovanni Soldini

    MOD70 trimaran “Maserati” powers its electrical equipment using eight Solbian ALLinONE SP72 solar panels with integrated MPPT charge regulator. The distribution of the charge regulators offers outstanding redundancy and shade tolerance.

    A total power of 576Wp is enough to run the systems onboard with 100% solar energy.

    Solbian Solar ALLinONE MOD70 Maserati Giovanni Soldini
    MOD70 trimaran Maserati
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