Excess 11 catamaran – SP/SR series, 2026Wp

The Excess 11 is a fast cruising catamaran built by Groupe Beneteau. For a customer with a desire to be electrically independent, the factory-installed solar array was upgraded to 2,026Wp.

Thanks to close cooperation with Beneteau, the planning was carried out digitally using a 3D model of the boat, after which the solar panels were finally checked and approved directly on the boat using our 1:1 paper templates. Besides an optimal integration into the design of the catamaran, monitoring and a general optimization of the energy management on board was important to the customer, so that a complete Victron Energy energy management system including LiFePO4 batteries and remote monitoring was installed by our partner Offgridshop.eu, who also took care of the installation of the solar system.

The solar system was designed for the expected shade, integrated bypass diodes and eight MPPT circuits ensure maximum energy yield. The charge controllers are networked together so that they synchronize their charging phases and ensure that the battery is charged in the best possible way. Another advantage of the separate control loops is redundancy, which the customer attaches great importance to for the planned long trip.

For installation, our proven pre-mounted adhesive is used in conjunction with cables that are invisibly routed through the deck on the back of the panels. This means that the system is only 3mm thick and all the delicate wiring is watertight and perfectly protected below deck. With this mounting system, the system can be installed in only 1-2 days if the cables are prepared by the shipyard.

2,026Wp deliver between 600 and 900Ah @13V each day in summer – enough to run all electrical consumers on board, including the watermaker, electric winches and induction stove.

Technical data:
Power: 2026Wp
Panel series: SP/SR
Weight: 33,0kg
Battery voltage: 12V
Battery type: LiFePO4