Viator Explorer 42 DS – 1112Wp SP series

The Viator Explorer 42 DS, designed by Berckemeyer Yacht Design, is an innovative aluminum sailing yacht that consistently implements the self-developed concept of “Next Generation Yachting”.

Two electric Bellmarine shaft drives are used for propulsion. The two propellers simplify harbor maneuvers significantly, and the twin configuration also offers increased redundancy. Under sail, the drives can be used as generators and produce electrical energy. In addition, a 10kW diesel generator is available for long distances under engine, which charges the batteries very efficiently thanks to operation at optimal rpm, offering lower consumption than direct propulsion by diesel engines.

The primary source of energy on board is a made-to-measure solar array on the salon roof. The fully walkable panels were designed to match the shape and design of the yacht, with all cables routed invisibly and watertight below the panels though deck. Pre-mounted adhesive and caulked edges allow for quick and easy installation on the untreated aluminum surface.

The solar array was optimized for shade from rig and main boom, where 40 bypass diodes integrated into the laminate along with 11 GenaSun Step-Up MPPT controllers ensure maximum shade tolerance and high energy output. The conducting paths in the black laminate were not concealed to emphasize the technical look of the yacht.

MG Energy’s 14kWh NMC lithium-ion batteries form a 48V system and – charged with renewable energy from the solar array – not only power the electric propulsion system, they also enable use of an induction stove, seawater desalination system and onboard entertainment system via powerful inverters without worrying about charge levels.

Viator Marine offers extensive customization options for the Explorer 42 DS and its other models. For example, a larger solar array utilizing space on the forecastle would also be possible. For more information, visit the shipyard’s website.

Technical data:
Power: 1,112Wp
Panel series: SP
Weight: 18kg
Battery voltage: 48V
Battery type: Li-NMC