Outremer 64

The refit of an Outremer 64 catamaran has been used to replace the textile cockpit cover with a hardtop, integrating a solar system to make the yacht self-sufficient for long offshore journeys:


Starting point was an old textile roof which should be converted into a hard-top to provide better protection from the elements and an integrated solar system to make the yacht energy-independent.

The original textile roof

Using CAD 3D modeling software the existing stainless steel structure and central fiberglass walkway have been completed by a lightweight fiberglass sandwich structure. Two wire channels were integrated in the laminate to hide the panels’ wires.

Rendering of the new hardtop with twelve Solbianflex SP104


12 SolbianFlex SP104 with nonskid surface, rear wires and pre-mounted adhesive create a fully walkable system, the wiring is invisibly covered inside the fiberglass structure with a maintenance cover.

First look at the new hard-top with 1.248Wp of walkable Solbianflex SP panels

Six separate Victron BlueSolar MPPT charge regulators massively increase shade tolerance and have been programmed to fit the custom Winston / ThunderSky LiFePO4 battery system onboard.

Reprogrammed Victron BlueSolar MPPT charge regulators


This refit completely changed the looks and usability of the boat – not only got the owners better protection from the elements, but the comfort of a solar-powered electric system (including some hours of air-condition each day) instead of having to run the engines every day to fill the batteries.
A peak power of 1.248Wp creates a daily yield of around 6kWh (12V: 500Ah, 24V: 250Ah). A system like this can be installed in around 8-12h, it took two people 1-2h to mount the solar panels.

Look at the final system – this boat is cruising the world since 2016

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